Saturday, January 31, 2015

Saturday Snippets

Become one with nature at The Seattle Arboretum.


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And check out this NKOTB/TLC/Nelly mashup video. So many great 90s band acronyms right there...

19 crazy facts about Bill Gates' house

28 things to do in Seattle

I hate the book Goodnight Moon, so I found this post particularly funny...

Why being a mom is so exhausting...

Enjoyed this post on why it's important for athletes to play multiple sports...

I love a good marriage post written by a man...

Encouraging motherhood post of the week...

Saturday, January 24, 2015

Saturday Snippets

On getting rid of toys...

Some fun free fonts...

A really helpful article about talking with children about sexual abuse...

You just had a baby. Remind me to read this in six months.

The cutest crossbody satchel {in gravel color}...

How to make time to write...

These fleece booties are on Baby #2's registry...

An interesting study on falling in love...

I love this rug. Great reviews and a great price for a large area rug.

I finally found new sheets, y'all! I've been looking for ages. {I also like these ones...}

Two thought-provoking articles about common core testing {here and here}...

I can't handle people tattling on parents. I used to walk a mile home from the bus stop every day when I was 11, only a year older than the kid in this article...

I kind of tear up at everything these days, but this post was exceptionally beautiful...

Friday, January 23, 2015

January Goals

I know it's nearly the end of the month, but since I spent so long reflecting on my long-term goals for this year, it's taken me a while to get these listed. I have been working on this list behind the scenes though. :)

This is how I'm breaking my BIG YEARLY GOALS {honor, prayer, family, rest, write, home} into small steps each month:

Note to Micah {honor}
Monthly encouragement note {honor}
Date with Zianne {honor/family}
Pray to the Spirit to show honor {honor}
Make prayer journal {prayer}
Write in prayer journal {prayer}
Record prayer answers {prayer}
Prayer for Zianne and Baby #2 {prayer}
Sentence prayers in car {prayer}
Memorize Romans 8:9-11 {honor/prayer}
Make list of date ideas {family}
Date night with Micah {family}
Clean out recipe binder {family}
Read one book for fun {rest}
Weekly social event with a girlfriend {rest}
Pray about rest {rest}
Enroll Zianne in school {write}
One hour/300 words per day of dissertation writing {write}
Four hour/1000 word writing day each week {write}
Blog at least once a week {rest/write}
Clean out living room {home}
Clean out toys {home}
Organize Zianne's 18 month clothing {home}

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Goal Setting 2015

And finally the time has come to share six big goals I have for 2015. If you thought we'd never actually get to this point, neither did I. I spent almost the first three weeks of January trying to get through my Power Sheets, while juggling a sick baby, my sick self, a pregnancy, and school starting up again. But finally, we are here! Usually my goals wouldn't be this broad, but I am realizing that it actually makes sense to make BIG, meaningful goals, as long as you are willing to break them down into baby steps day by day, week by week, month by month.

Goal #1: Outdo others in showing HONOR {"Honor" is my word for the year... Romans 12:10}
Why: This is a focused way to tangibly show the love of Christ to others.
Write notes frequently to thank and encourage Micah
Spend focused, one on one time with Zianne to encourage her gifts and show her love
Send monthly notes of encouragement to friends and family
In heated, frustrating conversations, pause and pray for the Spirit to help me show honor

Goal #2: Make prayer a part of my daily lifestyle
Why: This is an area where my spiritual discipline is seriously lacking. This lack of prayer prevents me from knowing the Father more deeply and trusting Him to meet my needs.
Write structured prayers 4+ days per week
Continue to use prayer journal
Record answers to prayers
Practice sentence prayers throughout the day {while prepping meals, doing housework, in the car, etc. until it becomes a habit}
Memorize Scripture as an act of prayer

Goal #3: Create meaningful family memories
Why: I want to use my time with Micah and my children well and create a godly legacy for future generations
Date nights with Micah once a month {make a list of ideas}
Intentional one-on-one outings with Zianne
Start journal Bible for children
Continue prayer journals for both kids
Write monthly letters to Baby #2
Organize and archive family recipes

Goal #4: Rest well
Why: Rest is a gift from God and an essential part of the Christian life. I'm still figuring out what rest looks like for me, both on the Sabbath and throughout daily life.
Continue reading for fun at bedtime {one book per month}
Plan one social event with a girlfriend each week
Pray about rest - ask God to reveal how to rest and to teach me to protect the times of rest He gives me

Goal #5: Prioritize writing in my daily schedule
Why: I need to make writing an {almost} daily habit/priority and get a draft of my dissertation done by June.
Write dissertation for one hour/300 words on weekday mornings before Zianne wakes up
Dissertation writing day on Tuesdays {4 hours/1000 words}
Blog at least once a week

Goal #6: Purge and prepare home
Why: This summer we are either going to sell our house or bring another baby into it, so it needs to be streamlined for space and efficiency either way.
Clean out every room/space
Reactivate real estate license
Buy or receive minimal quality items for Baby #2
Prepare guest room as nursery
Get roof repaired
Organize Zianne's clothes

There they are... my six BIG goals for 2015, which will require hundreds of tiny, steadfast steps. I'll be back tomorrow to show you my goals for January and how my small monthly goals align with the big yearly goals listed above.

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Goal Setting 2015

It's easy to look back on a year and see the gaps. To see goals still unfulfilled and assess areas in your life that need fixing. I'm all for honest reflection and making changes, but I don't want to let a year go by where I forget to stop and look back on all God has done in me and through me. In order to praise God for all the good He did last year, I wrote down a Record of Good for 2014. I just spent about ten minutes listing every blessing and praise I could think of. This list was so fun to write. God is so faithful.

Record of Good:
-Wrote {and passed} two portfolio papers
-Got a high pass on my comprehensive exam!
-Passed my dissertation prospectus and became ABD {"All But Dissertation"}
-Finished one chapter of dissertation
-Taught a summer school course for the first time and it went really well
-Attended RSA conference in San Antonio on a travel grant
-Fun dates with Micah: Blake Shelton/The Band Perry concert, Valley Ho anniversary, Old Town overnight
-Zianne learned to crawl, walk, and talk
-Zianne had a year of great health and sleep habits
-Zianne loves going to childcare at the gym and church
-Micah and I turned 32 and had fun celebrations
-Memorized Romans 8:1-9
-Shared homiletic method on the blog
-Became members at church
-Became a Scripture reader at church
-Got new AC unit, pool motor, front door, and cement fixed in yard
-Had a huge house purge and a successful garage sale
-Many dear friends came to visit {Sarah + Bekah, Camille} and family too
-My cousin started going to church with us!
-Minimized my wardrobe and cut back on shopping
-Ran two 5Ks {while pregnant... ha!} and Pat's Run {and surpassed by 40 minute goal with a 37:12!}
-Completed my goal to breastfeed for a year!
-Got long-awaited skin check at dermatologist and biopsies came back clear
-Finished some big financial tasks {getting life insurance, merging my 401Ks, etc.}
-Read 12 books for fun!
-Wrote monthly notes of encouragement to friends and family
-Studied the Bible almost every morning

And to head into 2015 with a positive, hopeful perspective, here is a list of what FIRES me up. These are passions and desires I hope to fulfill in new ways in this new year:
-Studying the Bible and teaching it to other women
-Reading for fun
-Date nights
-Quality time with loved ones, 1-on-1 or in small groups
-Finding affordable, well-constructed, flattering clothes that mesh well with my current wardrobe
-Working out consistently and beating running goals
-Organized spaces and clear plans for big projects
-Hanging out at a coffee shop with a friend or my computer
-Exploring new neighborhoods {houses and shops}
-Trying new restaurants
-Lounging by the pool and reading magazines

And finally, here are my NO and YES lists for 2015!
What I'm saying NO to:
-Stuff {Accumulating it. Cleaning it. Storing it.}
-A harsh tongue
-Anxiety over housekeeping and my daily schedule
-Wasting dissertation writing time
-Staying up late

What I'm saying YES to:
-Prayer {both structured, written prayers and sentence prayers throughout the day}
-Showing honor with my words
-Buying a few planned, quality items for wardrobe, home, and baby
-Prioritizing dissertation writing
-Getting up early
-Date nights {and day dates with Zianne}
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