Aug 25, 2014

Eleven Months...

Growing - I'm guessing Z will be around 25 pounds at her one year well check, so she is probably hovering somewhere between 24 and 25 pounds currently. Although she has slimmed out through her torso, her thighs still have beautiful rolls and she is really, really tall.

Eating - Z is down to three milk feedings a day. I planned to drop her late afternoon feeding when she turned eleven months, but after a few disinterested/biting incidents we decided to make the transition a few weeks early. Now when she wakes up from her afternoon nap she drinks a sippy cup of water and eats a cracker. She still nurses morning, night, and around noon each day. Z loves all fruits, roasted broccoli, yogurt, and little baked snap pea crackers. She likes lots of starchy, crunchy, and sugary foods too, but I try to limit those.

Sleeping - Surprisingly, when we dropped Z's late afternoon feeding she started sleeping even better. It is very common for her to sleep one and a half to two hours morning and afternoon, and by 7:30 at night she starts showing signs that she's ready for bed. I nurse her quickly at 8 o'clock and she often cuts herself off and whimpers to be put in her crib. She falls asleep quickly and usually doesn't wake up until 7:30 or 8:00 in the morning. Who knew less milk would equal more sleep? I think her 5pm feeding used to energize her for the night and she could easily stay up until nine or later if we needed her to if we were out and about, but now she is DONE for the day by 8pm.

Wearing - I've packed up all of Z's 18 month clothes except for a few shorts to finish off the summer. She is in all 24 month sizes and Micah's mom and I went shopping for her fall wardrobe a few weeks ago and bought everything in 2T!

Doing - Throwing her food on the floor when she's done eating then signing "all done" only after I coax her. Lots of independent play. Trying to chew on cords and shoes {and learning about the word "no"}. Swim lessons. Saying "mama." And finally crawling!

Loving - Reading books on her own or with an adult, especially when the pages have textures or flip-up {this one is her current fave}, taking her flash cards out the box and looking at each one, playing music on her xylophone, pointing at everything under the sun, dancing, playing catch.

Loathing - Having to wait more than three seconds to nurse after waking up in the morning, being left at childcare {15 seconds of separation anxiety and then she's instantly fine when we disappear}, bumping her head into furniture when crawling.

Daddy's girl - Micah decided that it was his responsibility as a dad to teach Z to crawl. We enjoyed her delayed crawling but it got awkward when she couldn't move up into the next class at church. She was getting too old for the nursery with the babies but it was unsafe to put her in with the crawlers and walkers when she was a vulnerable, immobile lump of baby. Finally last weekend Micah put her through some intense training. He would place her in the crawling position and hold her stomach up for her and move her body forward before eventually letting go. It was kind of like training wheels for crawling. By the end of the first day she could crawl two or three feet forward on her own, and by the next day she could crawl slowly across the whole room. Bravo dad!

Milestones - So many! Z can now move from lying down to sitting on her own, and she is now usually sitting up in her crib when we go in after a nap. She can also throw a ball with pretty decent accuracy and likes to play catch. She got her first molar in the past week or so and was surprisingly calm throughout the process. I didn't even know she was teething until the molar completely popped through the gums! Two other big milestones are crawling, of course, and knowingly saying "mama." She has said it 3 or 4 times now when she was upset, but the other day she said it when she was in a good mood. I was leaving the house for work and Z was sitting in the front room playing with grandma. I walked past the entry on my way out and Z waved right at me and said "mama" with a smile on her face. So sweet. Most of the milestones have been good, but now that Z is mobile we have moved into the injury stage as well. She had her first bloody lip incident last week. The Monday after Micah's crawl-training weekend, she was reaching for a ball and collapsed, hitting her chin on the floor and biting her bottom lip. She was perfectly fine but there was a little bit of blood which was so sad. I tried to snuggle her while she cried, but she wouldn't have it so I asked her if she wanted to go to the gym and play, and she instantly perked up and started waving bye-bye. She's pretty stoic I guess, although her lip continued to look bruised for the next day or two. 

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  1. MOLAR?!?! We are still working on the 4th tooth (one of the top two)! But we're also moments away from walking (I just know he's going to take his first unassisted steps at daycare, dangit!). Every baby is unique! She is so precious! :) can you believe our littles are almost a year old?!?!


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