Friday, April 4, 2014

Dear Zianne {six months}

Dear Zianne,

I can't believe God gave us you. You must be in the running for world's best baby, and I don't say that simply because I'm your mother. If there was a list of the sweetest, most joyful babies in all the world, you would surely be in the top ten at least. I don't take any credit. You are truly more easygoing and pleasant than any baby I ever imagined would come from my own womb. Your dad and I often look at each other and ponder how we got a baby as sweet as you.

You wake up in the morning smiling and you don't stop all day. After your morning nap and your afternoon nap, I hear you cooing in your room and I open the door to see you perched in your crib like a little sleepsack-wearing seal. As soon as your eyes catch mine, your face lights up into a grin. Even when strangers come up to meet you, you'll analyze them seriously for just a second or two before your cheeks plump up and you beam at them. When I introduce you to friends, I can usually bounce you on my hip just once and say, "Smile Zianne!" and you will do exactly as I command. The other night we met an elderly man in our neighborhood. His wife recently moved to a nursing home, and he is lonely at home without her. He took a liking to you, of course, and I was so thankful your happy baby smiles were able to bring him joy.

And you make me smile, baby girl. Sometimes when I get done nursing you, I like to sit on the bed and play with you for a while. Before I know it, 45 minutes have passed, and we're still bouncing on the bed, giggling together. One of your quirks is that you love my fake laugh. I'll do this obnoxious fake laugh right into your face and you'll start chuckling in return. Before I know it my fake laugh has turned into a real one, and we'll just lie on the bed laughing together.

This is motherhood. And I love it.

Love always,

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Nicole M. Hutchison said...

SIX MONTHS? Half a year old? There's no way! Time, please slow down. She's precious, I know I say that all the time, but it's true. We've both blessed super blessed with super happy babies. Thank you, God, for these precious souls in our lives!!!!

Bek said...

So precious!

jessi bridges said...

That second photo, mini-Micah!!

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