Monday, March 3, 2014

Dear Zianne {five months}

Dear Zianne,

I thought I'd switch the focus this month. I always talk about you and me, but I thought I'd take a minute to write about another person who loves you very much. Your dad.

He calls you his "darling daughter." And when we go on date nights, he likes to talk about you most of the time. It would be ALL the time, but we are adults, so we have to donate a portion of our baby-free nights to discussing work and finances and all that boring stuff. You are the highlight of the conversation for sure.

Your dad anxiously awaits your first peep in the morning so he can fetch you from your crib and snuggle with you before work. If you aren't awake by 8:00, he usually starts asking, "Can I go wake the baby?" because he's so excited to see your morning grin. Your first hour is always your happiest time of day. It must have something to do with the fact that you sleep 11 hours at night. 

When dad comes home at night, it's a different story. You are usually starting to melt down as we approach the final hour or two until bedtime. You need constant attention during this time, and sometimes your emotions bewilder your dad in the evenings. However, he made up a game that makes you happy no matter how tired you are. He holds you tight and you run from room to room around the house. Whenever you encounter a mirror {and there are plenty in our home}, he runs up to it and you guys look into it together. He whispers "Dad and Z" into your ear and then you are off again... sprinting to the next mirror in the house. It's a rather tiring game for a dad who got up at 7am and worked all day long, but he loves you so much that it's worth the energy to see you smile.

We usually set you on the counter in your little chair each night while we eat dinner, and at some point during the meal, without fail, Micah will stop eating, look over at you and say, "Babe, we got a cute one."

That dear old dad of yours. He loves you so much.


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Nicole M. Hutchison said...

SWOOOOOON!!!!!! Oh my, Z has got her daddy wrapped around all her fingers and toes. This is so precious, I love your monthly updates and this one takes the cake. She's definitely a cute babe, y'all did good!!!!!
p.s. I tell Husband this all the time when looking at Kamden, we are so blessed.


Bek said...

That is precious! Z has an amazing daddy, that's for sure :)

Shannon Parkinson said...

I love that Micah wants to wake her up in the morning. Kevin is the same way with Clara!

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