Dec 9, 2012

Wrapping Gifts with Truly Lovely

Hello there dolls!!!

My name is Kassi and I blog at Truly Lovely. It's an 'all things lovely' blog where me and occasionally my sister, Kayli, share the things we find to be lovely! That can include crafts, recipes, wishful thinking... Whatever we want really. ;) While Jen is off gallivanting down under and the rest of us 'not so luckies' are preparing for the Christmas holiday, I have a FUN gift 'wrap' idea to share with you!

My mom received a huge stash of those Christmas cookie treat tins from a friend awhile back... It was actually her idea to paint the tins and add some vinyl cut outs to fancy them up! (Obviously where I get a lot of my craftiness from, thanks Mom!!!) We laid them all out on some newspaper outside and spray painted each tin with a couple of coats of paint. We used a few different colors and let them dry really well...

Once the tins are painted and dry, it's time to embellish. I made this small light pink tin into a birthday gift 'wrap' for my niece...

I used white vinyl to cut out her name and some flowers plus little acrylic diamonds to pretty it up. If you use the sticky back vinyl you can stick the cutouts on just like stickers. The little jewels were attached with hot glue.

If you don't have sticky backed vinyl, you can just use regular stickers too! ;) I filled the tin with several little treats tied it with a ribbon and gave it to our niece for her birthday. She loved having her own little tin she could fill with her treasures!

We have since made several of these for different gifts... You can use any shape or size of tin and decorate with paint, vinyl, stickers, anything you have on hand to fancy it up! Really, with different spray paint colors and embellishments your options are endless with this fun gift 'wrap' idea this holiday season!

Happy gift wrapping lovelies!!! Hope you'll stop by and say hello at Truly Lovely sometime! Thanks to Jen for having me over today! Hope you're enjoying Australia!!!

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